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Factory Address
Factory Address

Fuqing Factory

No.5 Yanxi Rd, Hongkuan Industrial Village, Fuqing City, Fujian, 350323 China


Fuqing Factory, located in Yangxia Industrial Village, enjoys advantageous geographical position and convenient transportation which is about 16km away from Fukun G324 National Road, 17km away from Shenhai G15 Expressway, 52km away from Fuqing Jiangyin Port, 38km away from Changle Songxia Port of Fuzhou, 39km away from Mawei Port, 44km away from Changle Airport, 50km away from Fuzhou South Train Station, 15km away from Fuqing Train Station. Fuqing has four distinct seasons, pleasant climate and comfortable hotels.

Yizheng Factory

Automobile Industrial Park, Yizheng, Jiangsu Province


Yizheng Factory is 30km away from Ningyang G328 National Road, 25km away from Huxia G40 Expressway, 100km away from Nanjing Airport, 10km away from Yizheng Train Station.

Zhangzhou Factory

Nanjing High-tech Development Zone, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province


Zhangzhou Factory is 10km away from Xiarong G76 Expressway, 67km away from Zhangzhou Port, 75km away from Xiamen Port, 75km away from Xiamen Airport, 29km away from Zhangzhou Train Station.

Ma’anshan Factory

Youbang Industrial Park, Dangtu Economic Development Zone, Ma’anshan City


20km away from Nanjing Airport, 19.2km away from Ma’anshan Dong Train Station

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Address: No.5 Yanxi Rd, Hongkuan Industrial Village, Fuqing City, Fujian, 350323 China
Postal Code: 350323
Fax: +86-591-85295128 


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